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Who Am I?


Name: Andy
Birthday: January 3, 1986
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies: Movies, Music, Basketball, Tennis, Computer, Games, Photography, Directing, ATV Off Roading
Favorite TV Shows: 24, Better Off Ted, Burn Notice, CSI Las Vegas, Community, Fringe, Heroes, Holmes on Homes, The Office, The Pretender, Psych, Royal Pains, Smallville, Supernatural

Twitter @Andyslifeorg

Mon Feb 11
Bad idiom for the day: "Put that in your hat and smoke it!"

Sat Jan 19
Whoever made this needs a raise https://t.co/BHmWEpzdFs

Sun Jan 13
@KCPLConnect Me trying to figure out how KCPL outage map works https://t.co/2zH19Ae3Fr