Updated Nov 13, 2022


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Conan and Archer 5:35
Archer appears on Conan O'Brien.
The Gunfighter 8:48
Nothing is secret in the west. Narrated by Nick Offerman.
SNL - Weekend Update 0:48
Norm Macdonald makes fun of women and then makes you accept it.
Bad Lip Reading - Hunger Games 3:10
Reading lips while watching Hunger Games reveals such a different plot.
Ruin 8:29
SciFi computer anmiated short.
Terry Tate - Office Linebacker 3:42
Oldie but a goodie. 'You kill the joe, you make some mo'.
Pixels 2:34
Armageddon never looked so cool.
Inception - Trailer 2:23
If you haven't gone and seen this film yet, go. One of the best I've seen in years. PG-13
Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version 5:33
Music videos never seemed so descript.
Take On Me: The Literal Version 3:49
See comment above.
Rigged Chair 0:43
Large gentleman breaks his office chair...again.
Tropic Thunder - Tom Cruise Dance 1:51
This is the ending to Tropic Thunder but it doesn't spoil the plot either. Tom Cruise had to wear prosthetic scalp, hips, chest hair, and hands. Tom personally requested that the character have huge hands.
JK Wedding 5:09
Jill and Kevin's wedding with a Chris Brown inspired intro.
Conan O'Brien - Great Moments 5:29
Tom Hanks, William Shatner, Helen Martin, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, John Tesh, Jennifer Garner, Martha Stewart, Roberto Benigni, Halle Berry, Fran Drescher, Sue Johanson, and Rebecca Romijn.
I Hate Nature 2:31
A nature series with an abrasive british narrative.
Warning: explicit language.
I Hate Nature 2 2:54
Warning: explicit language.
Wassup 2008 2:00
It's been eight long years since the boys said wassup to each other. Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House, the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters.

Films by Me
Whether it's spur of the moment or planned, it's funny.

Best Man Speech 7:05
My buddy got married recently so it was time to expose the 'real' him in front of everyone.
Dog Hops Down Stairs 0:16
Our new dog hasn't quite figured out the stairs. She'll get down but only if she hops one step at a time.
Nephew Blowing Kisses 0:34
My one year old nephew learned to blow kisses. What a charmer.
Hotel Room Tour 2:25
My first business trip out to Orlando, FL. The room was nice enough, I felt it warranted a tour. Sorry for the poor quality, it was shot on a cellphone.
Avoid Junk Mail 0:07
Have you ever wondered how to get rid of your junk mail at a college dorm? Here is your simple answer.
Popsicle Bridge 0:57
Floor event held at K-State featuring a week long build of a popsicle bridge. Two teams competed. The second bridge held so much weight in the bucket that weights were placed on top of the bridge where it wasn't designed to hold loads.
Pie-a-RAMA 3:14
This was a raffle to throw a pie at an RA. Proceeds went to charity.
The Answering Machine 1:53
A friend of mine, whose name just happens to also be Andy, has a full answering machine. We found out why.
Ed Blasco - Finally! 2:19
Over my 20th birthday, a friend gave me a signed Ed Blasco CD. Ed is a Midwest organ player who covers popular songs. It's ok if you didn't know who he was. He's not very famous as you can tell by our sarcasm. To put credit where it's due, Jimmy put this together, not me.
Deal or No Deal - Contestant Video 5:34
My brother in law wanted to sign up for this show. One of the requirements to get on the show was an entry video. I took the usual show concept and adapted it to the real world. What if the show was centered around bribing someone with a hidden amount in a briefcase?
Dorm Tour Junior Year 1:38
This year, I got a room twice the size of anything in past years. It's even got it's own bathroom. The life of luxury has never looked this good. Check it out on the next episode of MTV's Cribz.
Morning Wakeup 2:46
This was supposed to be the release of Bootleg but their were complications and scheduling conflicts. Instead, I'm releasing a small piece of that film hoping to tide you over till the next big project.
Paver Training Video 6:22
Over the summer, I worked for the city of Overland Park checking the streets for cracks. I then decided out of boredom to make a training video and here it is. This also really illustrates how much time we had out in the field and what we got away with. Don't worry boss. We did work too.
Nike Kansan 2:21
Inspired by Nike Baller and the reaction we got, we are also going to parody the Nike Kenyan runner.
Severe Weather Update 5:54
Inspired by Channel 5, this video was done to make fun of every aspect of a severe weather update.This took a good 2 weeks to put together not to mention the time I put into the script. We also put a lot into makeup and special effects so I hope this video doesn't disappoint. Also, for those people who were expecting Smack 3, there is something in here for you too.
Nike Baller 3:45
My friend and I watched this commercial, Nike Punk Runner, where this young kid says he can outrun anyone. We then decided that we should make a parody of it but instead of running, we'll make it about basketball. It's a 30 second commercial with 3 minutes of bloopers.
Smack 2 0:55
The much anticipated Smack 2 has finally hit the computer screen. This one took twice as long to produce. With the help of stunt coordinator, Tony, it was a success. Sit back and enjoy the feature presentation.
Smack 0:06
This film short called "Smack" only started out as class project for Tale of Two Cities (shown below). In the middle of shooting Tale of Two Cities, Tony thought it would be a good idea for some random, senseless violence. In the beginning he takes my papers and rips them. I get even in the end with what is known today as Smack.
Tale of Two Cities 8:19
Class project where we redid Tale of Two Cities in the form of a current day newscast.
Hamlet 4:42
Act 1 Scene 1 from Hamlet. It's a remake to catch up to the present. Keep in mind this was my very first attempt at a movie.