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Thu Mar 09
RT @mendozay0929: When you ask an adult what his/her hobbies are, they’ll actually tell you about stuff they used to do.

Sat Feb 25
RT @ScottSeiss: “Here’s what you need to know before you see Cocaine Bear” https://t.co/bt512SX0Fs

Thu Feb 02
RT @PatrickMahomes: Keep it rolling ⏰ #ChiefsKingdom https://t.co/jCud5LNncn

Mon Jan 30
RT @NFL: .@PatrickMahomes has reached the Super Bowl three times in his first five seasons as a starter:

2019. 2020. 2022.

Not bad. https…

Mon Jan 30
RT @kstatevangirl: @CoachJTang doing his thing!!! https://t.co/WjGxMgv5ng