Thanksgiving 2005
A week of pie, Katie, friends, and plaza lights.

Here's the table almost all set for everyone to eat. Too bad there isn't food on the table.

My cousins, Rebecca, Hannah, and Paul.

My best friends this season, apple and pumpkin pie. Whip cream included.

The brothers of the family, my dad, Larry, and Jim. My bets on them talking about there Cholesterol medicine.

My mom and dad.

This photo apparently sparked a lot of argument over the years. My dad who is in the middle should be on the left because he's the oldest. Didn't even realize it was that big of a deal. My question is why aren't I in the photo?

Here are the Plaza lighting photos. We were at Katie's sister's corner view apartment. I was an amazing view.

If you look closely, you can see the glow of a TV in the room. Oops.

The next few photos, I did a time lapse camera capture which in my mind, came out really neat.

They also had fireworks. Twas a good night.

Katie's and Allison's hair look like they are melting together.

Katie, Allison, and Katie's twin, Mollie aka Maura.

Katie's older sister's roommate. Too complicated? Then just move on to more photos.

Saw this door just as I was leaving the apartment. Pretty sure if I lived there, I'd forget everyday that I had a drop off like that and fall down the steps. Bad wake up call.

Katie, Allison, and Whitney on the brush creek bridge.

At my friend, Yusshy's house.

We were bored and playing with the camera. This is my look of "desperation".

Yusshy and I. We are serious. Seriously about to laugh that is.

Then we laughed.

Dude, that Turkey looks like last years!

Me and the Katie on a carriage ride. We both ran out of cash and could only give a tip of a dollar. I asked for her name so I could come back and tip her double next time. I think her name is Sheryl. Tip her big if you get her.

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