South Dakota
Four day vacation of rock climbing, 4 wheeling, and plenty of hiking in the Black Hills. My friend's family invited me for a their usual South Dakota vacation. Yusshy's immediate family, grandparents and I all went on the trip. All photo groups are in chronological order.

Mount Rushmore

Warning: Old dynamite in monument may cause boulders to block your path or fall on you. Please exercise caution.

If the falling boulders don't kill you, your siblings might. Just be sure to be happy about it and smile.

Monkey King?

Agent Mirna

I'm going for the Lincoln look. It's the new fad that everyone's trying. So should you.

Our cabin without satellite TV

After gordo got on the bridge, it started breaking and swaying from side to side.

Here is our rental car for the trip. It has a built in DVD player. It helped a ton with a 20 hour road trip.

Did I mention our cabin came with a hot tub and a shark?

FIRE! FIRE! BURN BURN BURN. Anyway, if you notice, the photo is kind of distorted right above the flame because of the gas it was giving off. Don't believe me? Look at the above photos.

Needle Point Rock Formations

The photographer attacked me and almost pushed me over the cliff. That or I tripped.

I was really high up on that rock. I would say 25-30 feet higher then I wanted. They all left me up there to get down by myself.

Yusshy Sr. here didn't want me to the be the taller person so he had me get down a bit to make him seem more of the leader. Ha! Who is he kidding.

No more walking stick for you tata.

Yusshy's grandpa was actually climbing all the hills faster and better than any of us younger folk.

Helicopter Ride

I'm all about haircuts but those blades seemed a little too close for my taste.

Crazy Horse Monument (privately funded)

"When the course of history has been told
Let these truths here carved be known:
Conscience dictates civilizations live
And duty ours to place before the world.
A chronicle which will long endure.
For like all things under us and beyond
Inevitably we must pass into oblivion.

This land of refuge to the stranger
Was ours for countless eons before.
Civilizations majestic and mighty.
Our gifts were many which we shared
And gratitude for them was known.
But later given my oppressed ones
Were murder, rape and sanguine war.

Looking from whence invaders came.
Greedy userpers of our heritage.
For us the past is in our hearts.
The future never to be fulfilled.
To you I give this granite epic
For your descendants to always know-
My lands are where my dead lie buried."

-Korczak Ziglkowski

Wanna know what little to no work over the course of decades looks like? You're looking at it. Actually, in all fairness, they'd move faster if they got better funding but that's difficult if you don't accept government funding.

I had to live in there while the others got the cabin. They said something about not enough room at the cabin or something like that.

Harney Peak

Some of the photos turned out black and white. No idea why but I think it's because parts of the memory chip are from the 19th century.

ATV Offroading

I was in the middle of a turn and slide when this was taken.

We just finished the 2 hours and by that point, the ATV's were covered in mud.

Mirna and Yusshy Jr. quit early because it was so cold. I kept going because I lost all feeling in my upper body so I wanted to get my money's worth. The downside? I couldn't feel myself pushing on the accelerator.

Tata. Translation: Old Man


These things could take you from 0 to about 40 MPH really fast. Their like go-carts without the annoying theme park manager to tell you to get off because you're out of time.

Bear Country USA

This bear was trying to get up on the log and finally made it as you can see in the next picture.

This guy just didn't let us pass so I told Yusshy to go out there and ask it nicely to move. I also added that steak makes for a nice hat to wear when speaking to bears because other wise they get offended.

These wolves lived with the bears so I'm gonna guess that they got along fine. That or the ones that didn't get along became food.

The next few photos are of the baby area of the park.

These bears don't care much as to where they fight. Top of the tree and fall 8 feet. It don't matter.


This vacation was brought to all 7 of us by work. Without it, we are lazy broke people.

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