Overland Park Paver Summer Internship
Part 2

This is my boss. We call him coach. He also looks like Mr. Clean.

A vine had climbed this light pole.

For one day, we had to get this crappy minivan. Then again, our permanent Blazer has an interior or pink paint so maybe this minivan wasn't so bad after all.

I saw this truck pull up and "pee" on a lawn.

A ton of ducks came over. I thought it'd be funny if I fed them bread. Then they attacked us. Now I see why they had signs up not to feed them. I'm a slow leaner.

Video: How I reacted

Can you spot the irony with this Little Debbie truck in this photo?

There's this clinic and the owner drives his Ferrari F430 Spyder to work.

On his crappy days, he'll drive his Maserati. For those of you not car savvy, these cars total $300,000.

This house has a garage without a driveway.

Overland Park hires a company to seal cracks with this black material. Apparently, 'Jordan' was bored at work and took a break from pouring black sealer to write his name.

I've always seen these hats in cartoons but I finally got to see it in person. Ironically, I think she was passing out Asian restaurant coupons.

Apparently we aren't the only ones who take a break at HyVee. At least we don't take up 4 parking spaces.

Saw this really nice Mercedes Benz SL 500. About a $90,000 car.

Bubbles in the fountain. Old joke that doesn't get old.

This Pontiac Solstice belongs to a man who felt like showing us his car while we were on the job. We needed the break anyway.

It does get really hot out in the field. The problem is that people out south (beyond 119th street) must have thought trees were out of fashion. We have to find other sources of shade.

This house is just plain huge. So huge that I went home and got an aerial view of it shown below.

Not only is his house worth 7 figures but his pool is 35 feet wide.

Yet another dream home. I have got to find out what companies these people are embezzling from.

We dropped by my coworker's crib. It's something he bought last week to hang his coat on.

Dice as front decorations.

We found the mother of all potholes.

Video: Deep Pothole

Sweet sign we saw early one morning.

Can you spot what doesn't fit in this picture? If you guess the tree, you're correct. We finally found one taller then us. It even had MOSS on it!

The Lancaster fountain got hit with detergent but this time, they really loaded it on. The foam had spread up into the trees and was blowing into the subdivision so as we looked down the road, we saw floating pieces of foam.

Here's one of the pieces of foam heading down the street.

Video: Paul plays with the foam
Video: Goodbye foam

Police chalk outline of what seems to be a dead peglegged pirate.

Bridget fits the profile.

I want this kind of parking and I want it now.

This door was about 5 feet tall. Derek Z would say this is a house for large ants.

Yet another teepee job done by people under 4 feet.

Found a crack probably caused by the earthquakes we've been having.

Our wheel got stuck in it.

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