Overland Park Paver Summer Internship
My job over the summer where I looked at cracks all day and the mischief I get into.

Here is a squirrl fetus we found. I started running scenarios that it was a human fetus that was ditched. One with a tail that is...

We found out that one of the teams ran the battery down. We tried to find some jumper cables and eventually went with my pair in my trunk. I never really took a good look at them till that day. It had very good instructions. We played the part of the 'Booster Battery' and the other team played the part of 'Weak Battery'. So very weak.

Never heard of this kind of car. Figured I'd laugh at it. It sounds like a drive around horoscope.

I was about to take the photo of this yard because I couldn't find one imperfection. Not one little mound or hill. Just perfectly level. Then the owners, as you can see, came out just as I was driving away taking the photo. I bet I looked creepy.

I kind of ran into a tree with Mark just sitting there. He wasn't prepared for it. Nor the leaves it left behind in his hair.

Kind of bored at work so I just parked on the island. Kind of looks like I'm glorifying Jeep. 'Jeep, it can trench rivers, climb mountains, and ride over city curbs.'

I think they ran out of funds to complete the driveway and just quit. Can you tell which side of the driveway they use more?

This guy was just creepy. He talked to me about cars for about 2 (exaggerated for story purposes) hours about car parts/years he was putting in that Mazda RX-7. The car is on blocks and he was driving a Pontiac Aztec that day. He popped that tire on the road so he was carless. I would have given up and just had a smoke if I was him too.

Our truck we used to get around. It's a beefy F-250 Turbo Diesel.

Jimmy working on painting the curb.

This is the temperature reader equiped on the car. It was 103 degrees out that day supposedly and the asphalt was about 132 degrees. You'll also notice the 'caution' light was lite. I wander if that would be enough to call for a day off?

Me thinking way too hard on what a crack should be.

The neighbor just pulled out and knocked over the trashcan to reveal something...

...sleep tapes! What a scandal. Ok, ok. We were really bored.

The last two days of work I was kept inside doing mindless number entering so yet again. I took more pictures out of boredom. He is a member of steam water quality.

He was also a member on stream water and just working on getting some stuff thrown away. His name is Travis.

Jimmy 'the destroyer' Balough working with me on number entering.

That's our boss second from the left. Good guy. If your female and over 21, do a shotgun with him and it will make him happy.

[Right to left] Scott, Bryce (boss), Mark, Bridget, Jimmy the Destroyer, and lastly me. Brian not present.