Lake Perry with Yusshy and family

Come on in and get some dam food.

Rest of the weeks special: lasagna

More vague then Bush's plan for terrorism

Sunset aka dusk

Movie: Diving Montage

Boat and ATV

Yusshy's dad, Yusshy Sr.

Red Bull. The only way we could keep the driver from turning the truck and trailer into a 8000 lb highway shoulder spectical of twisted metal.

I'm sure you can pick up some dam bait for some dam fishing.

Yusshy Jr. riding on the ATV

Yusshy Sr.

Me about to go out and ride.

Yusshy Jr.

This was a series of pictures where we tried to find if the camera could capture people in mid-dive. See the results for yourself.

Not sure what happened to my swim suit. I guess it just got a little bunched up.

That's me on the tube going what I can guess is about 35000 MPH

We saw this yacht on the water and we realized, how do you get something that big off and on the lake? The answer, you can't. You just leave it on the lake. Tough answer I thought.

Dam, that's a big dam!

El Capitan

If you notice, the boat is called 'Bankers Hours'. This refers to how banks are barely open during the day because they're always busy driving their huge yacht's on the water. How do they expect to afford a yacht? Well, they do keep your money in their bank.

I also shot 4 movies at the lake:
Yusshy riding the ATV
I guess they make little dirt bikes for little people
Yusshy diving
Me diving for the second time ever