Halloween 2005 at West Hall
We now have a yearly tradition of going to West Hall for some sweet food and games with a little mix of odd costumes.

I dressed up at an FBI agent so I had a silver cap gun. Here's me taking down a real dangerous perp playing the piano. She looked real sad so I let her go.

Besides me holding the gun again, we had some good homemade cookies and goodies. Not bad for free.

Michelle dyed her hair black and added coloring to it. She was one of 4 in her made up band.

Emily to my right. She dressed up as a college student at a party. I'd say very convincing.


Michelle got a hold of my gun and was rolling around everywhere with it acting like 'Mission Impossible'. Her bright color shirt doesn't help hide her very well nor does the giggling as she rolls.

Heather as a member of the made up band. *Side note, she transferred from KU to KSU. Good girl Heather, good girl.

Prodical friend, Shana, shows up late as usual. The look of confussed on her face is an almost definite with her.

Then I shot more people with my cap gun.

I tried to take some cake and that didn't go over well with a knife weilding Michelle.

Yeah...my ankles are small enough to fit handcuffs around them.

Ummm...how did you get the gun and what can I do to make you not shoot? *She eventually shot me so close I could feel the burst of air.

The made up band to which has a name and I don't know it. It's all because they watched Rock Star INXS, the show.