Family Reunion at Lake of the Ozarks at the Tan-Tar-A Resort

My parents really never got around to getting this trip schedule again for it had been 7 years since the last time we did this. I finally just got bored and got it all arranged.

Day 1: The estate suite was located on a road that we all thought was pronounced "dinky".

Our family likes to eat. Each family brought something. The tough part was each family brought so much food that it took up a row of seats in each of our cars. There is more missing but it's in the refrigerator.

Here is my uncle as usual reading the comics. He has to get his witty humor from somewhere.

They were just admiring the terrific view of the lake as seen below.

Can you spot the lake in this picture?

Then we all headed out to go putt-putt at the Pirates Cove near by. At this very hole, I hit it out of bounds up that hill and it rolled back down the sidewalk and back into play just over the whole. It was so close to being a hole in one.

Paul and Rebecca in the stalkades.

Hannah and Rebecca in the stalkades.

Right after this picture was taken; we got to talking to some people at the picnic bench. We come to learn that they are the owners and are running the mini golf place. Then they offer us 4 free tickets to a water park and 4 free coupons for subway sandwiches. Talk about talking to the right people at the right time.

Go-Kart time

My cousin paul.

Lucky. Employees get free riding all day I guess.

My cousin Rebecca riding with my aunt Karen.

This poor kid didn't look like he was having fun. I think his mom made him ride it for the "cute" factor.

Swimming at the pool that was across the street from our suite. I got lucky with it being that close of a walk.

Then we decided to teach the girls how to dive. They could do the kneeling dive but not standing up.

Belly flops soon ensued.

Lil Rizzos Italian cuisine for Paul's (back left) birthday.

Day 2: Waterpark and Lake

We used those free tickets to Big Surf (a lot like Oceans of Fun) and it was worth every free penny. Here is the wave pool. It was interesting but the water tasted like bathtub water. Lots of people there donating there stink into the water supply. They had some other rides where we got flipped and scrapped our back as we rolled with the water flow over cement. It was the best water park visit ever.

Pontoon on the Lake. Our amazing captain took us to full throttle, roughly the speed of a waddling duck.

Most of the family got in the water. Ask anyone you know; they will tell you that the water temp is really odd. The top layer is hot while a foot or two deeper and it's nice and cold. Kind of freaked me out, much like seaweed on my toes would have.

Once we got out of the water, Hannah got to fishing. Beginner luck I say...SHE GOT TWO FISH IN MINUTES! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?

As soon as I took this shot of them turning back around to put the line back in the water, she got her second fish. You can even see the fishing line bend as proof.

My dad found a beer in the cooler...

And then drove the boat.

Some of the lake side properties were really nice.

You can see in this picture, the pontoon boat. Just imagine what kind of boat he puts in the left spot. I think I even saw it out on the lake. The boat was busy running over boats thinking they were boyous.

Then you have the properties that are really high up on the side. If you were mowing your yard, you'd fall into the lake. I think the only person who would think that was funny would be the evil wife that was out to get you anyway.

Day 3: Go-Kart yet again and frozen custard.

My favorite part of these photos is the website,

Family photo

Everyone wanted a funny picture and coincidentally, all the wives just chose to choke there husbands. Hmmmmm.

The three brothers. (from left, Larry, Ralph, and Jim)

Finally, here is the video I shot of our entire suite and what it entailed.