Mary's Chicago Condo Closing
Means she moved into a new place to live.

Her condo

It was still under construction but mostly done.

Yes, that's the front door which is supposed to go in the next picture.

Blake (man on right): "I'm moving into a condo that isn't even finished. Now all I need is the world to be taken over by republicans and this can be the most stressfull day of my life."

Nothing says welcome home like burglar bars on the windows. Actually, in all fairness to my sister, the bars are standard on all accessible windows in the area. Even though this part of town is really "safe".

The perfect tool. It can pick up any car and move it out of the way. Plus it's really easy to parallel park. I wonder what the insurance is on one of those?

Just walking along and noticed that they will give drivers licenses to anyone.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The Sears Tower is 1353 feet tall. That makes it 1347 feet taller then me. I could so take the Sears Tower on in basketball.

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