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Christmas 2006

Christmas Day

Funny wine label.

Miss Katie here left soon after to study abroad in London. She'll be returning in -5582 days.

Crap, I am not going to do well this hand.

Katie has my 9 of hearts. Ok, that was just a bad pickup line.

Extended Family Christmas

Nice job on the cake.

Right before this photo, Jim (middle) had said that the last time he got a family photo was when Rebecca (left) was a baby. It was on this day, an updated one was taken. If they get kidnapped, now we'll have proof of what they look like.

My mom really likes her coffee. How much? Paul went and got her the gallon thermos.

I guess my parents want me to do well in school so they got me printer paper. Woohoo! Actually, I asked for it.

I know Christmas is lame and all but wake up Larry!

My uncle (right) gives Paul and I matching gifts every year. This year, we got a dremel tool.

I love my oreos.

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