Christmas 2004
Christmas at Home
Christmas 2004 Part II
Christmas at the Uncle's house
Day after Christmas 2004
3rd and final Christmas
Our display keeps getting better and better every year.
I really don't remember what I said to get this "come on Andy" face.
The basketball hoop for our dorm trash can will came in handy. It's so sensitive, that even if you miss and hit the back board, it shouts that you scored. What a great moral boost.
The devistation left behind. Keep in mind that my pile has been moved to my room already.
We had more to eat then what you see. Ohh man, that was good filet. Also, the wine bottle is by me for no reason at all. I swear.
I got major red eye in this picture but when I tried to cover it up, it made my eyes look huge and bulging out of their sockets.
Then man with the plan. This uncle enjoys giving gag gifts of sorts. Most of the time, I seem to find a good use for them. In this case, Velour Lounge Pants. To see what entailed, the video is just a few pictures down.
Here are the much anticipated veloure lounge pants I was talking about. This is the actual picture that was on the pants. Click here to see what I look like when I pose like that -->
Don't worry, I will be wearing a shirt.
These two photos were taken instantly together. She just unwraps really really fast.
Ummm, no comment?
Ohh good! Another toy that makes lots of loud noise. I bet the parents are thrilled about this one.
Compare the pile of gifts my parents have here.
Big Mouth food processor? I guess this may be a factor to why we are the fattest country in the world.