A weekend trip to see my sister and her new condo.

I caught mary by surprise on this one. You can see in the background all the stuff that they've moved in. TV and stereo system being number one priority in my book. If you look closely, you'll notice that her head is blocking the view of a very interesting painting.

I know that my sister is a bit annoyed with the love birds and how much noise they make but putting them in the kitchen and that close to the knife block is just cruel.

Hold your mouse over this photo to see a before and after photo of this corner of the kitchen. Notice the look on his face, he doesn't have that worried face anymore. Now he just makes his own beer.

Here we are in downtown Chicago for a little shopping and eating.

My mom first found Don King at the Nordstroms shopping with his fighter and the fighters wife (wife not seen due to being in the changing rooms probably). The fighter went on to win that night by the second round or something.

He was talking on that phone so loud that he may not have been on the phone at all but rather faking the conversation in order to advertise for the fight.

These 3 photos are of the Hershey building. If you notice, they have 5 pound hershy bars. I'd give money to whoever could finish off one of those in a day or shorter.

I seem to do this all the time in taking photos. I don't wait for the scene to be clear thus giving me photos with random people I don't know and will never see again. Maybe I should paintbrush Don King's face in there.

It was my parents Anniversary that weekend so we went out to a nice restaurant. They also got themselves some nice wine glasses and champagne.

Body Worlds
We went to a exibit called Body Worlds where they featured real people who donated there body to the creator named Gunther von Hagens. He has invented and perfected a form or preserving bodies for display using a process called 'Plastination'.

This photo is of a pregnant mother and her child still in the womb.