19th Birthday
A party held in the smallest basement around but still a success
<---Norwegian stationary bike.
I think maybe
Her hair was shiny
No idea what is going on here.
Don't ask, don't tell.
We tried to pull off one of those model shots where all the guys have serious faces and some of them face other directions. Of course, there had to be one person who just didn't understand  thd idea of a serious face. Thanks a lot Jimmy.

Roll the mouse over this picture.
The next series of shots were of Genevieve telling me to get into some bizarre stances.
Watch the person behind me as you roll the mouse over this picture.
Roll the mouse over this picture.
Warning: Bungy cords can cause an unhealthy amount of sandwich making.
We noticed that some of the girls had just disappeared so we opened the bathroom door to find this.
The party goers stumbled upon one of our old books for little kids, teaching the age old tale of the birds and the bees.
So everyone crowded around Kat and they had story time. Illistrations and all. In one of the pictures, someone noted how unnecessary the mirror and rubber ducky were.
There's my Katie. She even stayed after the party to help clean up. Such a helpful person she is.
That leg brace reminds me of Forest Gump. Too bad she can't run like he can. Other wise, she could get away with that $2,000 digital camera she has in her hands.
Pat and Andrew decided that this picture will grace the cover of their yearly christmas cards so here it is.
Merry Christmas from the Padley's/Berding's
*it really is too bad that I couldn't tell what color to use for green so Tony helped me out there.
If you have a photo from this party and did not see it up, please send it in an Email attachment to andy@andyslife.org
Thanks to Michelle Kentrup for these additional pictures.