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Spring Break 2006

I visited Villanova for the first half of spring break. It looks so nice.

This room however is not so clean. Such messy girls.

They have good taste in TV though. This episode was about the misplaced sports jacket.

Katie told me to take a tour of campus and take some photos while she was at class. Here is the Catholic Church on campus. Really beautiful. I guess I forgot the mindset of a Caotholic campus because they put the cross on everything!

The inside of the church. Mass wasn't in session but you can make out the organ and alter. I thought I was alone in there but there was a girl sneaking behind the pilar to the right of the alter. Scared the crap out of me.

They have a graveyard that overlooks the main road through campus. Just to the right of this picture is an interesection. The ones that get run over get buried...well, in the graveyard.

Corr Residential Hall

The kids who flunk math class get whipped on this plus sign.

Austin Residential Hall. Katie's friend moved here.

I guess these students seeked out their teacher in this photo but instead of asking a question, turned each other into wood.

Cool spiral staircase I found.

The science building, Mendel Hall. Apparently, they planned this building to look like the periodic table of elements from an arial view.

Engineering Building

How many crosses can you spot in this photo? If you answered anything below a 3 digit figure, keep looking.

I gave Katie a hard time and this was her expression. She wasn't so pleased. I had to walk the rest of the way to the airport. Thanks hon!

At the airport waiting to leave back for KC. Bush was on the telly, talking about Iraq and how he messed up. That previous statement might have angered some Conservatives so I'll counter that with my next statement. I support the troops in Iraq and John Kerry gave himself purple hearts with his fancy paperwork.

I was on the airplane just waiting. I looked out the window to find US Airways packing up the CEO's dual private jets full of "lost luggage".

I used Midwest Airways. Amazing service. Huge seats and freshly baked cookies. Here is the skycap loading the plane probably full of cookies!

They loaded up the plane but the flammable truck was a little too close. What if one of the pieces of luggage had a jar of fire?

Arial view of the Philadelphia airport.

The sky. Ohh how little skies look from this high up.

The other half of the week, my sister came home to work on some logistics of her wedding. It was good to have her home.

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